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Linda Hines, Ph.D.

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Halle M. Aten, Ph.D.

Halle M. AtenPersonal Statement
I believe in change.  I believe in a better life.  And I believe that you can have the second if you are willing to try out the first.  It seems simple, and it is.  But it’s not easy.  That’s why I’m here. 

I help individuals, couples and families improve how they live, work and love by assisting them in discovering how they are blocking themselves from living the lives they truly want so we can then work together to very actively remove those blocks.  The work is lively and sometimes difficult, but it is very rewarding. 

Halle M. Aten, Ph.D., received degrees from Northwestern University in 1997, UCLA in 2001, and the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) in 2007.  Dr. Aten led a group practice, the Aten Group, in Los Angeles before relocating to Chicago’s North Shore.  Dr. Aten saw clients at her group practice, taught undergraduate courses at UCLA, taught graduate courses at CSPP, and was co-founder of the Existential Psychotherapy Center of Southern California in Los Angeles, while serving as a supervisor to several psychologists in training and chairing the Early Career Psychologist Committees of the California Psychological Association and the LA County Psychological Association.  Dr. Aten has also offered workshops in mindfulness skills, stress reduction, and assertive communication training.

Treatment Areas
Mood disorders (e.g., depression, bipolar disorder), anxiety disorders (e.g., GAD, panic disorder, agoraphobia, OCD), borderline personality disorder, affect regulation, stress reduction, mindfulness, assertiveness/communication skills, managing chronic physical illness/disease, relationship conflicts, intimacy and trust, grief and loss, identity and self-esteem, loneliness/isolation, existential concerns (e.g., finding and making meaning in life), life transitions, learning/academic/career challenges

Treatment Modalities
Dr. Aten works with individuals, couples, families and groups using an existential-integrative approach, a very dynamic, here-and-now method that focuses on how clients relate to one another and how they relate to the therapist to promote change, actuate personal growth and enhance authenticity.

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