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Linda Hines, Ph.D.

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Linda Hines, Ph.D.

Linda Hines, Ph.D.Personal Statement
“I believe in the power of each individual. It is not a therapist’s job to tell the individual what to do; rather, to assist them in discovering his or her own answers/needs and help them to find the appropriate ways to achieve them. Each person has his own definition of success, which a therapist should appreciate. I enjoy my profession and do not consider what I do to be work or just a job. I believe that even in today’s changing health care arena, one can give caring, quality care.”


Dr. Hines, a 1987 graduate of Northwestern University, provides services at her private practice located in Bannockburn; she is also on staff at Lake Forest Hospital, in Lake Forest, Illinois. She participated in undergraduate practicum at Old Orchard Hospital working with adolescents; an externship with the Omni House Youth Service Bureau working with children and their families, and was a part-time therapist for the Lake County Juvenile Probation Department. She expanded her adult focus with an internship at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in North Chicago. She continues her work in all facets of psychotherapy, and works with the Illinois Court systems in providing mediation assistance, parental reunification, family therapy, and marriage counseling. Dr. Hines has had frequent involvement in corporate and E.A.P., ranging from executive evaluations to seminars and training programs for clerical, middle management and executive staff. She also provides presentations for Chicago area companies and community organizations.
Treatment Areas
Dr. Linda Hines has experience treating the following areas: anxiety disorders, behavior disorders, bipolar disorder/manic-depressive illness, borderline personality disorders, caregivers’ issues, chronic fatigue, chronic physical illness, mediation, depression, divorce, family systems, human resources/corporate consulting, marriage/couples issues, organizational/life management, pain management, parenting issues, phobias, post-partum depression, post-traumatic, stress disorders, sexual assault victims, geriatric issues, stress/hypertension, and women’s issues.
Treatment Modalities
Dr. Hines works with patients of all ages in providing consultation for family and personal concerns related to all psychological issues of life management. She provides cognitive-behavioral therapy, individual psychotherapy, in-patient/hospital care, and corporate seminars. Dr. Hines works with children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

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